Saturday, 16 March 2013

Birthday Cushions

Another hobby of mine is sewing. Quite a departure from Pole Fit but there we go, no one can say I'm not well rounded! As I'm saving to buy a house I have tried to focus more on home made gifts this year and for family & friends birthday's it has become tradition that I make them a cushion. And here are a few of them below.

I try to make sure that the cushion somehow matches their personality or something they really love and I hope they can tell that I have enjoyed making it for them, perfectionist meltdown's aside (see post below)

I was hoping to be able to make a day trip to the Knitting and Stitching show this weekend in London but looking out of the widow this morning I am mighty glad that I decided against it. Its on again later in the year so I am planning to go then when funds allow and I have got more confidence to go with a bit more purpose and hopefully go to some workshops.

My next journey with craft is crochet. I have got the basic stitches but I want to get some proper tuition and learn what I can make. My craft bag is a graveyard of half started mutant things right now, hopefully i'll be able to cobble them together and make some crochet frankinstein object!! I have just subscribed to Gathered magazine (A digital craft magazine) by Mollie Makes which is gorgeous and they have a subscription offer on at the moment. If you are at all into decorating or craft I really would recommend a read.

On that note I am off to download the latest issue...have a good weekend!

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