Monday, 11 March 2013


So, this is a little bit scary. it's my first ever 'real' post and I find myself with a case of bloggers block! There are so many different topics I could start with, but just as many questions rise to the surface as the number of ideas that come to mind. Hmmm, so what to do...

As I introduced below I am taking one of Holly Becker's blogging courses and the one I am taking now is 'Blog Boss'. As of today I am a week in and the lessons have been just what I expected, although I have come away feeling equally excited and daunted by the prospect of being a Blog Boss. Well, I say 'being', I should really say, 'becoming', as evolving into a Blog Boss is not an overnight affair. Rather than crawling back into my novice blogger corner though, I am trying to dig deep and find some confidence to apply what we are learning in class. So the first collection of images that I am going to post, rather fittingly, is one of inspiration to me.

The mug is rather affectionately named, "Madame", and drinking from it whilst working helps me to feel more like a Boss. Years ago for a birthday, I was given the journal with the word, "Fearless" on it. I am certainly not fearless but I hope to be confident and to fear less about blogging one day. The last image is of a sweet card from a dear friend. It reminds me that we all need help at times and acknowledging this help or expressing gratitude for a gift is seriously underrated and commonly overlooked.

So bolstered a bit by a lift of inspiration, I am buoyed into relishing this week's lessons with a little less fear and a little more Madame!

Do you have any images that inspire you, or keepsakes that you keep around you to keep doubting niggles at bay?


  1. Thanks for stopping by Gabriela! I hope you are enjoying the course so far :-)

    Best Wishes from a snowy UK


  2. I love that fearless journal! I used to curate gifty things at a bookstore and I LOVE that particular line of journals. I found your blog through the Blog Boss FB page. I second your sentiment!


  3. Its gorgeous isn't it Anna? I have so many journals, I don't write in them so much as I don't want to spoil them, which is silly, I know. I am a real magpie for gifty things, so I would have loved that job.

    Thank you, its nice to know we're not alone :-) I look forward to reading your blog!